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Byråprat med Charlotte Gretter, Head of Technology, Omnicom Media Group

Hvilket ansvar følger med de ulike rollene ansatte har i et mediebyrå? Hva snakker de mye om med sine kunder akkurat nå, og hva er de spesielt stolte av på sin arbeidsplass? Det får du vite mer om i Byråpraten.


Navn: Charlotte Gretter

Mediebyrå: Omnicom Media Group

Tittel: Head of Technology


  1. What does your position in Omnicom Media Group entail, and what responsibility do you have in your daily work?

As Head of Technology in Omnicom Media Group I am responsible for building and executing a MarTech service offering, focusing on clients`infrastructure and identifying business opportunities to achieve revenue growth for their business. At the same time, driving adoption and innovation of Omnicom Media Group` agencies and business units within digital marketing and technology.

  1. Is there one thing you can highlight that you talk a lot about with your clients right now?

«Develop a durable first party data strategy in a privacy safe manner, supported by the right technology.»

Now that legislations are tightening the rules around privacy, giving users more control of their data, entails greater brand transparency. Most advertisers have been struggling with activation of first party data and connecting this to the rest of their marketing activities. I am really happy to help advertisers identify critical use cases and construct a priority roadmap, based on the data they have available, the consent they have for it and what connectivity is possible.

  1. Anything professional or industry related you are passionate about that you want to say something about? Now you have the chance.

When it comes to MarTech, what I urge my clients to look at is 1) to have an overview of the technology stack they have 2) to understand the connection and dependencies between these tools 3) to follow the data flow and 4) to make sure that the data collected along the way is of value and can be actionable further on, in a privacy safe manner. When this is in place, I think you have gone quite far as an advertiser.

  1. What are you especially proud of in your work and in your workplace?

I am very proud of the focus and the level of engagement from OMG`s Management within training and development and for the opportunity to be an advocate for MarTech in the industry. Internally, it is about ensuring our clients higher level of expertise within digital marketing and deep specialization in many areas touching on MarTech, data privacy and e-commerce. For that we have partnered with LinkedIn learning platform and developed personalized learning path for our staff. Externally, we have collaborated with ANFO in setting up a MarTech Academy, equipping some of the largest and most professional advertisers in Norway, with all elements and insights to start implementing a MarTech strategy in their own organization.

  1. Can you share your best home office tips?

Personally, I have always been a big fan of remote working. My daily routine starts with a light workout/training session, a warm chai latte and a good lightning atmosphere to prepare my business day. Also, after every hour of seating, I do some stretching, breathe some fresh air and continue with my meetings. I am constantly available on Teams and maintain online space for socializing with my colleagues.